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Forged in the Fire

When we stand on the Word of God and do things His way, we will see miracles in our marriages. When the enemy attacks, the heat of battle can be intense. That is not the time to flee, but the time to stand firm and allow God to bring forth something beautiful from the heat.

Gather Round Your Table

God is calling His families back around the family table. Our home is the place where we grow and mature. It is the place where we learn to love unconditionally, to forgive, and to bless. And it should be the place where we learn who we are in Christ, where we learn to walk in faith, and where we learn how to be overcomers in this world. God has given us five purposes for gathering around the table. The are based on the acronym TABLE – a place to Teach, Abide, Bless, Love, and Esteem.